The best masturbation oil for sale

The best masturbation oil for sale.

the best masturbation oils for sale

The best masturbation oil for sale.

The best masturbation oil is a natural oil, based on only natural ingredients. Natural masturbation oils don’t dry out your skin and are easy to wash off and are durable. However, you name your private session, jacking off, masturbation, hitting the wood, rocking your salami the best masturbation oil makes it 3-4 more intense.

Using a natural massage oil instead of a chemical or silicone one, one has benefits. Natural oils are not harsh for your precious friend it doesn’t harm him and doesn’t dry out the skin. From chemical lube, you don’t know the harm it can cause on the long term to your best friend. Natural masturbation oils have natural ingredients only, are easy to remove and don’t stain your clothes or bedding. Underneath you find our top 5 Natural masturbation oils for sale.

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Aphrodisiac massage oil with Jasmin and sandalwood 100ml

1 Aphrodisiac massage oil.

What: Aphrodisiac massage oil, natural Almond oil blend with essential oils of sandalwood, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

When: Perfect when you want to enjoy a long intense session alone on your bed.

Our score: 10 points

Price: € 11,95

Where to buy: Click up here

Natural almond oil for massage and body hydration 50ml.

2 Natural almond oil.

What: Natural almond oil, 100% natural almond oil, smooth for body massage and hydration.

When: Small 50ml bottle, perfect for in your jacket or backpack. Take it everywhere with you it’s small and natural no strange questions asked when somebody sees it. Perfect for a quick wank in the car, or on a toilet.

Our score: 9 Points

Price: € 6,95

Where to buyClick here

Avocado oil, base oil 100ml

3 Natural Avocado oil.

What: Natural Avocado oil, 100% natural avocado oil. Contains a high amount of proteins and unsaturated fats, both of which are strong skin agents.

When: Small pomp bottle always a good dose, have it ready in the bathroom or at the toilet. Avocado oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids keeping your best friend and skin healthy and strong.

Our Score: 8.8 Points

Price: €8,95

Where to buyClick up here

Body massage oil 125ml, blend of organic olive oil, Argan and Grape seed oil.

4 Natural body massage oil.

What: Natural body massage oil. This natural massage oil contains 50% organic olive oil, 30% Grapeseed oil and 20% Argan oil. We count this as one of our favourite body massage oils for you and your partner to massage each other.

When: Perfect for alone on the bed with your phone or iPad watching your favourite movies and giving yourself that extra feeling you need. Hydrates your skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue.

Our score: 8.2 points

Price: € 13,95

Where to buyClick up here

Oil for relaxation massage 100ml foraromatherapy

5 Relaxation massage oil blend. With gardenia.

What: Anti-stress relaxation Massage oil for relaxation for external application, this massage blend is ideal for relaxation and recreation in a 100% natural way.

When: All alone on your bed perfect for an extra Ruf massage for extra pressure or with two hands rocking that Bonner.

Our score: 7.8 Points

Price: € 9,95

Where to buy: Click up here

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